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FireSickle's Field of Dreams
Heralded Quietly
Atomic Beat, 2012
Double Stranded RNA, 2012
A piano piece I recreated from a youtube musician's video
Ringtone I made
HyperActive Fool

Unfinished tracks from my archives:

This work is mostly unfinished. For some reason or another, I have stopped working on these over the years. Unsure that I will ever revisit or complete these pieces, I occasionally cherry pick a few to share.

Untitled 8bit track that I was working on a few months ago
Conceptual Madness Phrase One
Chris and Sean - Military Piano
Plays A Game (from 28 days of music)
Fires of Sorrow (from 28 days of music)
JostAway, Extended Version
Mativaetron Beckons (from 28 days of music)
Orange Tower (college era)
That Song(college era)
The Piano Reality (college era)
WWB2B 2009ish
Mystical Journey (college era)
New Thing StuffThing (2009ish)
Something in my mind
Something Simple (2007ish)
This could be it (2004ish)
UntitledTrack 6